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Home Brands Once Again Nut Butter Once Again Organic Killer Bee Honey 16 oz

Once Again Organic Killer Bee Honey 16 oz

Item # 4408240701A

Yes! This honey is really made by killer bees! Enjoy killer bee honey available in our 50% recycled glass jars. As part of our Honest in Trade program, we support organizations that address issues surrounding colony collapse disorder for pollinating insects. We invite you to learn more about it on our Pollinating Insect page in the Honest in Trade section of our website. This South American honey is harvested by the indigenous bee-keepers of the Amazon. Fear the killer bee, prolific and hardy pollinators known for aggressively protecting their hives, but have no fear of our wonderfully rich-tasting aromatic killer bee honey. You'll enjoy every sticky drop.

Ingredients: organic honey

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