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About Us

Our vision is to create a place for you to get the products that you love.

Any of the manufacturers that work with My Brands have the option of selling all of their products through us - a single online store for every product. In short, we're committed to making everyday and hard-to-find favorites easily accessible. If we don't carry your favorite product today, please check again next week or Sign-up for our newsletter today and we'll let you know when anything is new. You can also encourage the manufacturers of your favorite products to work with My Brands so that you can always get your favorite. More and more, My Brands is becoming the "not in my store" solution. If you can’t find it, be sure to check with us.


How a Specialty Online Grocery Store is Born

It's About Brand Loyalty...
It all began with Hefty® Baggies® in the early 1990's where Suzanne Clarridge, founder and CEO of My Brands, worked for the makers of Hefty products.

An Ah-ha Moment
Here's Suzanne's recollection of how it all began:

"Baggies products were losing shelf distribution to other, newer products. As a result, there were many brand-loyal consumers who couldn't find Baggies in their stores. Thousands of these loyal consumers called and wrote to us looking for Baggies.

Those of us at Hefty wanted to find a way to help but we weren't equipped to sell directly to consumers.

Frustrated, our company researched the problem to find out what other companies like Hefty were doing. We learned that every other Consumer Packaged Goods Company had the same problem that we had...they all had thousands of consumers who couldn't find their favorite product in their local stores. Every company had the same issue but no one had a good solution. This was my "ah-ha" moment - the instant I realized there was an unmet need and I could build a solution. So in July of 2000, I began developing a business model that helped both consumers and manufacturers with this "where to buy" problem. The result is My Brands. On June 1, 2001 our first order shipped out the door, a case of Hefty Baggies.

Hefty® Baggies® was My Brands first online brand in 2001. That's right - Hefty was the first manufacturer signed-up with My Brands and we're still selling Baggies today. Since then My Brands has shipped thousands of products all over the world. My Brands continues to grow fast and prosper every year thanks to the manufacturers of the wonderful brand-name products we sell and most especially, to you, our brand-loyal consumers who buy the products."

Our staff of very nice people wants you to love shopping with us. If you have a suggestion of things we should do differently, a question or a compliment, contact us via email - we do want to know what you think.

My Brands

Our mailing address is:

My Brands Inc.
395 Summit Point Drive
Suite One
Henrietta, NY 14467

You can also call us at:
Toll Free: 1-888-281-6400 (US and Canada)
Other calls: 1-585-273-8480

Thank you for visiting My Brands and please come back soon.

Can't find Playtex Ventaire Standard Bottles? We've got 'em!

My Brands is working with Playtex Baby to continue to provide the Ventaire Standard Bottle in both the 6 and 9 oz size. These have been pulled from retailers and for moms who may have used this bottle in the past with success, they have become harder to find. Until now!

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